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Thursday, June 3, 2010

frame baby carrier

I just found out we may be going to Scotland VERY soon!  While I'm super excited I just realized that I need to do ALOT of preparations. One is to get a passport for an infant. Kinda funny to have a passport with a picture of an infant in it. A child's passport doesn't expire for 5 years. While this is convenient, it's also weird to think that when she is 5 years old she will look nothing like her passport picture :P

Passport aside, I have been looking into frame backpack carriers. Little chunky monkey grew out of her infantino carrier and will only agree to the moby wrap if she's sitting in front and facing outward. This rules out the Ergo. While the moby is super comfortable, this does put limits on what you can/can't do while wearing her. This is also just an OK position for hiking. I am hesitant to get a backpack carrier due to their enormous size. While it may work well on daddy I'm afraid the giant carrier will dwarf me and just look plain stupid.

While looking online the other day I discovered the city carrier by kokopax. I think we'll take a trip to the local baby store and try one out. They look promising.

Very stylish, lightweight and easy to take on/off.  Plus she'll be sitting up high where she can see everything (staring at a back is her biggest protest of back-carrying with the moby). I also like them because they don't look as out of place as a typical backpack carrier when you're making quick runs to the grocery store. Let's hope this all it's cracked up to be.

love my camio


I have somewhat recently developed an unhealthy obsession. This obsession is with vintage pyrex. The milk-glass pyrex. My liking turned into an obsession a few months ago when I had found exactly what I was looking for at a second hand store.

Ta da!

An immaculate set of pyrex butterprint refrigerator dishes!!!!  Excluding the missing lid on the largest dish, this set is PERFECT!!  And like I said, exactly what I had been looking for and hoping to find. Never in a million years!  I probably should have also bought a lottery ticket that same day.  I love the colors on these dishes. The small ones work perfectly to thaw out baby food in the fridge. No worries about BPA in these puppies.

I have my favorite second hand store (not naming any names) that I frequently visit. Every single time I go there I come home with a pyrex find. This is incredible because I can go to 10 other stores and never find a single piece. I don't know what it is about this place. I came back with another find today. 

I love this yellow divided dish with lid!!  I have two others, but without lids.  This one is a beauty.  I also snagged the red refrigerator dishes. They are rather beat up, but the price was pretty good so I couldn't resist.

This was actually the first pyrex I came home with. It holds a special place in my heart. I love making macaroni salad in it.

These two little mugs are so precious. They are my first and ONLY pyrex cup finds. The cups seem to be a bit more elusive. I love drinking my coffee out of these, it makes it taste that much better!!  They are so tiny that I need to refill a couple times :)

Another little bowl find (plus a glass pyrex bowl find). I love to eat my popcorn out of this little guy!

And last but not least my two little lid-less divided dishes. I hope to someday find lids for these guys.

That's my collection so far, not very impressive but its a start. Making, serving food and eating from these vintage pyrex dishes makes the food taste that much better! The 'hunt' is on for more.

love my camio

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i heart etsy wednesday

Etsy has some pretty talented fashion designers/seamstresses. I have yet to purchase any clothes via Etsy, but I have been scouring for a really cute dress and some leather riding boots.

Here are a few of my favorite Etsy apparel items that have caught my eye.

01. Isn't this the cutest little vintage bathing suit

02. A beautiful strapless dress

03. I love all of the coats from this seller. Don't you just love those elbow pads

04. This is actually a wrap dress, it's stunning and would be beautiful for a beach wedding

05. What a hip little retro looking shirt

06. I love this skirt!  The contrast between the wool and ruffles is awesome. Unfortunately for me I'm not sure if I am brave enough to wear it.

07. These stockings are a funky and fresh pea green-yellow

love my camio

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

i heart etsy wednesday

Who would have thought that finding time to peruse one of my favorite online 'shops' would be difficult!!??  Not me!

I'm not sure what the current fascination is with mustaches. I think most of them are funny. I definitely wouldn't allow my guy to sport one sans the goatee. They remind me of the 80's in a Magnum PI sort of way.

Without further adieu I give you this week's etsy inspiration: the mustache.

01. This is just about the only way I would sport one

02. These cups would be perfect for a mustache tea party or a little tamer than the alternative graphic for a bachelorette party

03. A 'stache to keep your neck warm

04. A hand towel for the manliest of bachelor's

05. How about a little mustache on your cupcake rather than a little cupcake on your mustache

06. An adorable little mustache ring guy

07. What little one wouldn't just love to color with these crayons

love my camio

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i heart etsy wednesday

My guy has finally joined the iPhone cult. He is not looking back. So far he mostly uses it for email and words with friends. He obsesses over words with friends. What is it with men and electronic games, I'll never know. Probably the same thing as women and shopping. Speaking of, my latest etsy search is for a cool iPhone case.

Here are some real winners, seriously

01. This retro camera iPhone case is handsome and manly

02. Plaid is the epitome of outdoorsy manliness

03. If I were a man I'd definitely go with this cool leather one

04.  Since I am not a man, I want this cool leather one

05. Or this cute personalized leather one

06. How about an iPhone case that looks like . . . an iPhone?

07. And if you use your iPhone too much this chalkboard will make you feel right at home

love my camio

Thursday, April 8, 2010

mid-century modern love

I love the style of mid-century modern furniture. The clean lines. The wood tones. The little legs. The compact size. It makes me so happy :) When I decorated my camio's baby room it was based around a 6 drawer mid-century modern dresser that doubles as a changing station. Since then I have slowly been adding more mid-century modern pieces to our decor.

Therefore I was ecstatic today when I found this little gem of a night stand for only $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It had a few worn spots and a little overspray on it from some white spray paint. After a good scrub and some waxing a la Howard's Feed-N-Wax  (I LOVE this stuff - it does an awesome job on old, dry, thirsty wood) it looks gorgeous! This little guy is the perfect size for my camio's room. I especially like how he has an open shelf. This is perfect for storing a few books and toys at baby reach without doors to get in the way (or hang on).

I can't forget to mention the little owl. Another great find from a few weeks ago. He was covered with scratched up black and red paint when I found him. I think he was a cookie jar in a former life. After a little rubbing alcohol he's adorable in his new fluffy whiteness.  Ok, so he's ceramic - not so fluffy.

love my camio

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

i heart etsy wednesday

Costume jewelry. My grandmother recently passed away. She was raised on a farm in Oklahoma along with 11 brothers and sisters. In the 40s, she and her sister decided to move to Oakland, California where she eventually met and married my Grandfather.

She had a love for costume jewelry. I have fond memories of playing 'dress-up' with huge clip on earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Her jewelry box and dresser were always overflowing with baubles. She loved when I showed an interest in her jewelry. Not because I was sort-of a tomboy, but because she liked to share her love of jewelry with her only granddaughter.

Here are some etsy jewelry finds in honor of my loving grandmother who is dearly missed.

01. A very elegant, snazzy brooch

02. Loving this art deco bracelet

03. There's nothing that says dress-up like a pair of clip-on earrings

04. Some faux pearls

05. What a hoot this little guy is

06. This green peridot cluster ring somehow looks delicious and refreshing . . like a green apple

07. I'd like to store it all in this little vintage jewelry box

I think I'll try and wear more jewelry. It makes me feel purdy.

love my grandma

love my camio

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i heart etsy wednesday

Before you throw out that vintage suitcase, check out some of the ways you can re purpose it!!  I wouldn't mind having a suitcase bar!! 

01. A plush little pet bed that your dog would be proud of

02. A vanity to store all your toiletries in the dinky little bathroom

03. A scary, but cool photography prop

04. A lockable bedside table

05. My personal favorite, the liquor cabinet

06. Another equally cool photo prop, I'm liking this idea

07. Or just get a really cool decal to freshen up the look

love my camio

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i heart etsy wednesday

In honor of St Patrick's day . . . . Green!!!!!

01. Bath or pool time fun with this apple sailboat

02. A splash of green on this super cute, stylish cummerbund skirt

03. Three trees embroidery art, now this is embroidery art I wouldn't mind hanging up in my house

04. Vintage green train case for traveling in style with your goods

05. Oh so cozy leafy moss green felt foliage pillow

06. Stunning green glass hoop earrings if only I could wear hoops this big

07. Robots are cool, so is this green android bubble pillow

And yes, I cheated this week. I was out of town (unplanned) and didn't make the wednesday post in time. I backdated this post so it appears as though I made it ;)

love my camio