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Thursday, April 8, 2010

mid-century modern love

I love the style of mid-century modern furniture. The clean lines. The wood tones. The little legs. The compact size. It makes me so happy :) When I decorated my camio's baby room it was based around a 6 drawer mid-century modern dresser that doubles as a changing station. Since then I have slowly been adding more mid-century modern pieces to our decor.

Therefore I was ecstatic today when I found this little gem of a night stand for only $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It had a few worn spots and a little overspray on it from some white spray paint. After a good scrub and some waxing a la Howard's Feed-N-Wax  (I LOVE this stuff - it does an awesome job on old, dry, thirsty wood) it looks gorgeous! This little guy is the perfect size for my camio's room. I especially like how he has an open shelf. This is perfect for storing a few books and toys at baby reach without doors to get in the way (or hang on).

I can't forget to mention the little owl. Another great find from a few weeks ago. He was covered with scratched up black and red paint when I found him. I think he was a cookie jar in a former life. After a little rubbing alcohol he's adorable in his new fluffy whiteness.  Ok, so he's ceramic - not so fluffy.

love my camio

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